Bella's Little Angels
Formally known as BarkinAngels
Trevett, Dakota, Zorro, Max, Jager
Mighty Max
Turbo, Trevett, Dakota
Turbo, that little stud muffin
Trevett, Dakota, and Zorro
Dakota on top of Zorro
Trevett, Dakota and Jager
Trevett, Tito, Zorro, Abby, Angel, and Max
Time for a nap
They left us alone.
3 puppies + 1 bathroom = 1 big mess!
A long day, doing what we love to do
My first bath, not to sure I like this!!!!
Good Boy, Max
Turbo says "Anyone up for a race?  I am ready"
We know it's a cat house, but if you don't tell, we won't.
mom's, Bella and Gizmo, when they were just pups (below).
It must run in the family
Here are six of us napping on our bed in front of the
window, can you see all of us.
Hey Dakota, it's my Trevett, lets get that duck before
Zorro does.  Yo Trevett, look out!  I think that deer is
going to get you.
Jager and Max
Puppy Line Dancing ??????????
Princess Noel
A Long day working on this web site, time for a nap.  
Actually, I am protecting this mouse from the cats.
I am the guard dog!
Bella and Gizmo as puppies
Heres Gizmo, being a little devil,
in the garbage
Dakota, Turbo, Trevett
I thought that if all the dogs thought I was a
Christmas gift, they will all like me, and it worked!
Just hanging out on the front porch soaking up the sun.  You
can't see, but our human mom and dad are doing yard work.
We must be the supervisors.
Lazy day sleeping on our bed in front of the window, 9 of us just chillin.
The other 9 are around the house somewhere.
Where's Jager?
Do you see a pattern here????
The Three Christmas Amigo's?
Bella loved to give lot's of kisses!
Hard at work responding to all the e-mails, but it is fun. Thank you, send me more
Iris playing around for Halloween
The life of a dog
some pawrific times
Come On,
Please let us in this room, I know that there are girls in there
Just hanging out by the fire
Cinco sometimes thinks shes a cat
Give me, Give me,  
I want what ever you have
Looking out the window, watching the people walk by on there way to the beach.
Went in to make
the bed, but Gizmo
had other plans,
needless to say,
the bed did not get
made for a while.
Rest time

Who's out side?
I Want some!!!
Enjoying the sun
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Guess what Santa
is bring me
We look good together
Bringing a smile to your face and love to your heart, One puppy at a time
Bella, you may be gone, but never forgoten