June 21, 2006  -  January 12, 2008
Hi, this was Bella. Bella was a beautiful girl whose life was cut short
by a tragic accident at home.   We were so lucky to have had her in
our lives. She was our inspiration to start breeding. She gave us 3
wonderful boys, Turbo, Trevett and Dakota.  In them her life
continues and they bring us much joy every day.

Bella, If tears were a stairway, I would climb up to heaven and bring
you back. We know that you are in a better place now and watching
over us. Remember, we all still love you and miss you very much.
Bella's final resting place, She may be gone, but never
This statue
Bella's sister
Gizmo and
human mom
They both
miss her so
Our Boys, NOT for SALE Our Girls, NOY for SALE
Bella would of been a grandmother.  All 3 of her son's,
Dakota, Trevett and Turbo, have had litters.   
She sure produced some beautiful kin.
Bella's Little Grand Angels
Zoey, Justice, Coco,
Marley, Penelope
Dakota's Little Ones
Bella's Little Grand Angels
Chance, Martini, Fiona
Turbo's Little Ones
Dakota, Turbo, Trevett
Bella's Little Angels
Dakota, Turbo, Trevett