Hi Becky,  here is an update with pictures to follow...Peanut has been
going potty outside since she has moved in with us,  she sleeps thru the
night,  is used to our cairn..HarleeGirllll, even though Harlee is a little
too big and heavy to play with her right now,  she is sooooooooooo
smart and so playful,  and such a character.  My husband Michael will
be starting cancer treatment in September for prostate cancer, and has
been very depressed,  which naturally he doesn't admit to,  but you
should see him with Peanut,  holding her,  laughing,  telling her he loves
her.  Peanut has discovered grass, oh yeah,  and the little bugs. She
does not wonder more than two feet from any of us,  and Michael has
covered her 8x8 dog pen outside so nothing can ever get to her.    
Peanut is a wonderful addition to our family.  THANK YOU,  I honestly
can't say enough about how wonderful she is, talk with you soon... Joan

Peter   Wethersfield, Connecticut   
Peanut was adopted by Joan, Michael and Peter on August 2, 2010

Hi there, Don and Becky we just wanted to say thank you sooooo much
for Indy. He is awesome, he and Mr. Bumbles get along very well, I am
so amazed at how socialized he was when we took him home. He is
great with everyone from the kids to adults as well as other animals.
You guys did such a great job, thank you. I will keep you up to date with
photos and stories as time goes by, but I just had to write to say thank
you again.
Ray and Sue, Day New York
Indy was adopted by Ray and Sue on May 27, 2008
Hi Don & Becky,  Just Want to let you know that the puppy we
got from you we now  call Little Red and he is very healthy and
lovable. We are very pleased with him. I would be glad to
recommend to anyone that you have very healthy and lovable
puppies. I am looking forward to doing business with you again.
Thank you, Keith    
Keith, Franklinville, North Carolina
Little Red was adopted by Keith on August 10, 2008
Hi Becky this is Aubrey. I just wanted to let you guys know
bathroom he goes and scratches the door. He has his own bed
but would rather just sleep with us. He loves the baby and she
loves him too. They have had a lot of fun today playing outside.
He made a new friend already. My sisters dog Tyler loves
bandit. We are so happy that we found him. He'll be a very
spoiled dog if my husband has his way. He has been eating well
and exploring our house. We just wanted to thank you and let
you know he seems good. I will send you some pictures as we
have him a little longer and update you to his progress. Thank
you so much again we really love him. Talk to you soon and
thank you for the pictures. Aubrey and Bandit
Aubrey, Corinth, New York  
Bandit was adopted by Aubrey on August 13, 2008
Hi Don & Becky! Just Jen and Paul here checking in. Our little girls,
Zoey and Justice, are doing just wonderful. They have fully adjusted
to life with us, and act as if they were always here. I know part of it is
because we were able to come and visit them so much before
bringing them home, but I know the other reason is because they
were bought from a house where socialization of them occurred for
sure with all the kids and pups in your house. I know that we are so
glad we decided to buy two as well because when we cannot be
around they really keep each other company with all the cuddling and
playing they do. I think I cry more when I have to leave than they do. I
am so glad we bought puppies from such wonderful people whose
love sustained our fur babies til we could take them home. They
certainly came pre-spoiled, but we continue to spoil them here as
well. Their potty training is almost complete with the pads, and they
go outside often too as long as it is not too old out so we are looking
for booties small enough to fit them! Never knew it possible to love
little furballs as much as we love them. Thank you for letting us have
these wonderful creatures in our lives, and I promise you they will
always be well taken care of. Enclosed are new pics so enjoy, and we
promise to keep in touch!
Jen and Paul
Rouses-Point, New York  
Zoey Marie and Justice  were adopted by
Paul and Jen on October 4, 2008
I just wanted to write and thank you and to let you know that we
love her very much and she is such a great little dog. She is always
giving everyone kisses and just wants to be with us all the time. I
love taking her with me everywhere and she is so well behaved in
public. She has made best friends with our Siamese cat and the
others are starting to warm up to her too. Thank you so much for
our little Penelope,
I am so grateful to have her!

Mackenzie      Scotia, New York  
Penelope was adopted by Mackenzie on October 28, 2008
Penelope, Scotia, New York

Hi Don and Becky.   I just wanted to say thanks again so much....Marley
is beautiful and just a little lover!  We love her so much already!!!!!!!  
She gives great kisses to my Dane too the cat not so much, my cat
would love to know her better but Marley likes to pounce lol.  They will
work it out I'm sure!   But I really wanted to say thanks she is a her
$250. worth of spoil me stuff!
She is a wonderful little girl. We definitely have her on a schedule from
nap times to potty times to earned run all over the house time this
seems to work very well with her potty training. Shes truly great. She is
in the  car with me and my Dane daily I feel like I have a toddler and
infant again very fun! Its really important to me to get her very well
socialized and be comfortable in any environment when seeing
I will update often with pictures!Thanks a million!

Laurie and Shaun       Saugerties, New York  
Marley was adopted by Shaun and Laurie on November 02, 2008
From Marley's human parents

Hi Becky & Don,   Snickers is totally great. He is good buddies with Cooper
and they are having a blast together wrestling around. He is a great
sleeper-he crawls under the covers and stays until morning. The only thing
he doesn't like at all is the snow or the sweater we got for him. Before
yesterday he loved running around outside exploring and he's probably
wondering what happened to his yard-if he could get all 4 paws up at one
time he would be delighted.
Please rest easy-Snickers is adjusted and happy and adored by all-we are
enjoying his company tremendously. Thank you for trusting us enough to
adopt him.

Pam and Tom        Germantown, New York  
Snickers was adopted by Tom and Pam on December 01, 2008
Hi Don and Becky, just wanted to write and tell you that they are such a
delight.  I really have to force myself to get things done around the
house, because I sit with them and play all the time.  Lizzie has gotten
into the habit of needing to be sitting on my lap to go to sleep at night.  
She whines and whines til I sit down and let her curl up in my lap.  When I
am out Angel is a stinker!  She is sooooo funny.  She goes in nut runs.  
She runs in a figure 8 or around the living room and the whole time she
yips.  Then she runs up and bites me, and then she runs like hell!  If I
leave for any length of time, 1 hour, 5 hours or 20 minutes, they act like
they haven't seen me in days.  I get lots of kisses and love!!  Lizzie
remains just as sweet as she can be.  Angel is the pistol.  But both have
my heart.  Jeffery can't get over how adorable and funny they act.  Angel
has decided daddy is the best thing since sliced bread.  
I can't say enough about these 2 girls.  I could go on and on!!!   I love
them so much.  Strange as it may sound, I feel different now that they are
with me.  Happier, if that is possible.  Well, I will keep in touch.  I hope all
is well with you guys.  
Take care and have a great week.   

Marsha and Jeff      Platsburg, New York  
Lizzie and Angel were adopted by Jeff and Marsha
on May 15, 2009
Hi Don and Becky,   Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail and say
thanks again for Peppi she is the love of our lives.   She is a happy loving
puppy that gets along great with her new big sister Lola.   We take her
every where we go and everyone who meets her loves her as much as we
do.   She wants to give kisses all day and just wants to be wherever we
are all the time,  she makes a great companion and friend.
So again thank you so much for allowing

Cindy and Paul
Greenfield Center, New York  
Peppi was adopted by Cindy and Paul on May 17, 2009

Hi Becky & Don! I just want to say that I am glad that I have found you.
Glad that our paths had crossed again.  Rico is doing great; he is so
funny too.  He carries a BIG teddy bear he took from my shelf back
when I first brought him home all over the house.  We totally
recommend  you to any of our friends. Rico is great with the kids and so
loving.  Rubi and him get along great; they play so much and sleep
together. Thank You again

Kerri Ann    Porter Corners, New York   
Rico was adopted by Kerri Ann on January 22, 2010
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Customer Testimonials
Hi Don and Becky,     Thank you for the puppy. We named her Kelly.
She is so good, eats 4 meals a day and plays with all my other dogs,
She has free run of the house while I am here and can watch her. I keep
her i a play pen like yours in the middle of the floor and sleeps on a
furry dog which I put in with her. I love her so much. She is loved so
much and I rock her at night. Will send you a picture

Carol     Granville, New York  
Kelly was adopted by Carol on August 3, 2009
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Becky and Don, Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup.
I have had so much pain in my life in the past few years. My dad dying,
losing a relationship of 16 years.. but Bentley is one of the most me. I tell
everyone about your wonderful puppies and how much joy you have
brought to my life.

Kelly  Glens Falls, New York   

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Khloé. She is
one of the best things that could have ever come into my is
such a joy and I love her so much. Thank you to the both
of you for all that you do. You opened up your home to me,
my family, and friends and allowed us all to watch her
grow- that is an experience I'll never forget. I will definitely
looking to add a Chi to their family. Looking forward to
hopefully getting another from you sometime in the future.
Thank you so much!
Kim and Khloé

Kim     Clifton Park, New York
Khloe was adopted by Kim on June 30,2011

Becky and Don, Than you so much for such a wonderful
pup, Mack. He can be so laid back and relaxing on my lap
and also playful when we play with him.  He's also very
smart and is picking up commands easily. So far he's
pretty good at sit and stay.  Everyone that meets him loves
him and asks where we got him!

He is also growing quite well!  He went from 3lbs 11oz to
4lbs 5oz in about three weeks!

So.....thanks again for providing us with a really great dog!!
Abby    Delmar, New York
Mack was adopted by Abby on July 23,2011

Abby and family now have Mack, Moutz, Minny and Chance
Becky and Don, Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. We
just returned from our first four day trip out of state to Amish
Country, PA.  We stayed at a pet friendly motel and Buddy was an
angel.  He rode well, did his business well, and was just a joy to
have with us, and he is just so cute.  Buddy has added true joy and
pleasure. Thank you for breeding Chihuahuas!
Laurie and Gene

Laurie and Gene, Waterville, New York
Buddy was adopted by Laurie and Gene on May 15, 2010
Just wanted to say for those of you looking for a quality Chihuahua,
member. You really have to make a visit, to see all the wonderful
dogs and to meet the great people. This is truly a class act, they
love the dogs and it shows. They are not about just making money
but for what is right for the dogs. It is a treat to really meet thembut
for what is right for the dogs. It is a treat to really meet them

They are absolutely great on so many levels. They sent such
thorough vet records that our vet was completely surprised to have
them. They said that the records were more thorough then what
they usually get within their network. =) I just can't say enough
good things about having dealt with them. I can say if we ever go to
purchase another member, we will definitely go to them again. =)
Judy and Robert, Churchville, New York
Shyann was adopted by Judy and Robert on January 20, 2012