Meet Tito
Hi, I am Tito  AKA "Tito the Bandito". I am a happy young male living with my
human family Don, Becky, Joe, and Amanda. I also have many other dogs
and a cat that I get to play with everyday. I was the first Chihuahua and a
perfect example of why it is not good to buy pet store puppies. I was
purchased from a pet store in the mall as a toy breed Chihuahua for an
adoption present. I now weigh 12 pounds which is double the standard size
for my breed. I cost  over $1700.00 and I turned out very large. But I am still
loved very much and I am sooooo happy that they freed me from those
I am just part of the family and I was never used for breeding.

I weigh over 12 pounds
I was born November 21, 2005
I am proud to be a member of the American Canine Association   "ACA"
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