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                                                                           STUD CONTRACT

    The following is an agreement between:

    Stud Owner:  Rebecca and / or Donald D’Allaird                Bitch Owner: ______________________________

    Address:        77 Horse Hill Road                                        Address: __________________________________
                          Hadley (Day), New York 12835                                   __________________________________

    Phone:           (518) 696-6368                                           Phone:    (______)_________-_________________                        

    for the breeding of the following dogs on                                                                              20                  (date)

    Stud Name: _________________________________            Bitch Name: __________________________________

    Reg. Number: _______________________________          Reg. Number: _________________________________

    Registration Type:        AKC           CKC                         Registration Type:        AKC           CKC

    Prior to breeding proof of up to date immunizations, brucellosis testing results, and AKC or CKC registration of bitch will
    be presented to stud owner

    If no pregnancy occurs from this breeding, the bitch may be returned for one (1) more breeding on her next heat cycle.

    The bitch owner assures NO other males will be or have been in contact with said bitch during this heat cycle

    The bitch owner will notify the D’Allairds within 48 hours of birth of litter, or one (1) week from the anticipated due date if no
    pregnancy occurred.

    The D’Allaird’s will have first choice of a puppy and must choose with in 14 days of the birth.  If the pregnancy only produces 1
    puppy, then at the bitch owners choice they may pay a fee of $400.00 or agree to breed the bitch on her next heat and the
    D’Allairds will have the choice of that litter.

    Stud Owner: ______________________________      Bitch Owner: _____________________________

Contract subject to change without notice
New York State Breeders License Number 821