Bella's Little Angels
Formally known as Barkin Angels
Bringing a smile to your face and love to your heart,
one puppy at a time!
Senior Citizens Discount
Our senior citizens discount is for all puppy lovers age 65 and over who are
looking for the perfect little companion.
We offer *$25.00 off all puppies.

Chihuahua puppies make a perfect companion for everyone, but most seniors
find them to be perfect for them.  With an average weight of 5-6 pounds and
being very smart, they make the perfect little cuddle bug. They love to be held,
carried around or just to be your perfect lap dog.

As with any of our fur-babies, if you rent we require a letter
from the landlord stating that pets are okay.
* Can not be combined with any other discount
Please feel free to contact us at (518) 696-6432
Our beloved Bella May she rest in peace
Our Boys, NOT for SALE Our Girls, NOY for SALE
Our Boys, NOT for SALE Our Girls, NOY for SALE