I / We Don and/or Becky D’Allaird “Bella’s Little Angels” (Seller) received the amount of $_______._____
(Minimum $100.00) from _______________________________________________ (Buyer)  
as deposit on puppy:________________________________________________________
Puppy ID code: ___________________________________________.  

The buyers agree to have balance paid in full by time of pick up.  No puppy goes home until the seller feels
the puppy is totally ready to leave, which is a minimum of 8 weeks of age, but may vary.   The full deposit is
refundable for 14 days after date of deposit. After 14 days from the date of deposit, if the buyer decides
not to purchase the said puppy, the first $100.00 will not be refunded. Any amount of deposit over $100.00
will be refunded to the buyer*.  The deposit is fully transferable to another puppy that is available at that
time**.  Pedigree registration paperwork will be transferred at time of pick up.   

We accept personal checks for deposits only unless otherwise approved by seller.

_______________________________                                            _______________________________
Seller “Bella’s Little Angels”                                                               Buyer

_______________________________                                            _______________________________
     Date                                                                                                      Date           

Purchase Price $ _______________________________     NYS Sales Tax 7% $___________________

Total purchase price: $__________________________    Balance Owed: $______________________

Buyer Information


City:__________________________________-  State:_______  Zip:__________


E-Mail Address:________________________________________________________________ .
* Refund of deposit will be made within 45 days of written request       ** Deposit may only be transferred once
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