Meet Dakota
Hi, I am Dakota  AKA "DK". I am a happy young male living with my human family
Don, Becky, Joe, and Amanda. I also have many other dogs and a cat that I get
to play with everyday.  
My mom
Bella passed away in January 2008 and we her Angels.
My brother Turbo lived with my human mom's oldest son
Dan and his wife Annie
and their daughter Emma.  He also passed away
I have retired at a young age. It is cool being retired and just hanging out. In the
summer I love to hang out on the front deck and watch whats going on in the
neighborhood. Summertime this neighborhood comes to life, and in the winter you
will find me in front of the fireplace.  

I weigh  about 8 pounds
I was born November 8, 2007.
I am proud to be a member of the Continental Kennel Club.   "CKC"
My Mom Bella
My Dad Walker
Puppies for Sale
My Baby Picture