Meet Cinco
Hello there, I am Cinco  AKA "Cinco de Enero". I am  happy to meet you. I am
living with my human family Don, Becky, Joe, and Amanda. I also have many
other dogs that I get to play with everyday. I do not know who my parents are,
I was abandoned in the middle of a street in
 Puerto Rico and adopted by Don
and Becky back in 2003. I am part Chihuahua and a very happy girl and I have
become the NANNY to all these Chihuahua's. I love my life and the fact that I
am in charge of all these little ones. That is Trevett in the picture with me. I
even get to watch the cat, what a life!!!

A Lady never speaks about her weight
I was born January 05, 2003
I am a proud to be a mutt
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