Meet Bandit
Bandit has a new home in Corinth, New York. He has a loving new family Aubrey and Anjan  who will
be spoiling him to death. He is a happy little boy with a whole new family to love him.
Here I am on my birth day
Diet yuck, I want Hi-Test
I love the Mexican theme
They said this was a food dish
I say its a bed!
Our Boys, NOT for SALE Our Girls, NOY for SALE
Hi Becky this is Aubrey. I just wanted to let you guys know bandit seems to be adjusting just fine when he has to go to the bathroom he goes and scratches the door.
He has his own bed but would rather just sleep with us. He loves the baby and she loves him too. They have had a lot of fun today playing outside. He made a new
friend already. My sisters dog Tyler loves bandit. We are so happy that we found him. He'll be a very spoiled dog if my husband has his way. He has been eating well
and exploring our house. We just wanted to thank you and let you know he seems good. I will send you some pictures as we have him a little longer and update you to
his progress. Thank you so much again we really love him. Talk to you soon and thank you for the pictures. Aubrey and Bandit

Mom is Star

Dad is Walker

Adopted August 13, 2008